Sentifiers: Interpreting Vague Intent Modifiers in Visual Analysis using Word Co-occurrence and Sentiment Analysis

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Sneak Pique: Exploring Autocompletion as a Data Discovery Scaffold for Supporting Visual Analysis

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Do What I Mean, Not What I Say! Design Considerations for Supporting Intent and Context in Analytical Conversation

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Inferencing Underspecified Natural Language Utterances in Visual Analysis

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Automating the Extraction of Date Scalars

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Applying Pragmatics Principles for Interaction with Visual Analytics

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Redefining a Contribution for Immersive Visualization Research

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A Linguistic Approach to Categorical Color Assignment for Data Visualization

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FastCo article on this work.

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An Engineering Model for Color Difference as a Function of Size

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Four Experiments on the Perception of Bar Charts

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Automatic Generation of Semantic Icon Encodings for Visualizations

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Visual Summaries of Popular Landmarks from Community Photo Collections.

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Using Comics as a Visual Metaphor for Enriching SMS Messages with Contextual and Social Media.

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Travel Scrapbooks: Creating Rich Visual Travel Narratives.

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TiltMenu: Using the 3D Orientation Information of Pen Devices to Extend the Selection Capability of Pen-Based User Interfaces.

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Automatic Stained Glass Rendering.

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Automatic Image Retargeting.

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